9. Becoming a Muslim

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How to become a Muslim ?

By saying : “There is only One God, and Mohammad is his Messenger”

In Arabic: “Ash-hadu Anna La Ilaha Illa Allah , Wa Anna Muhammadan Rasul Al Allah”, which means: “I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”

This includes sincere repenting of past sins and asking God for forgiveness. After that you are getting a new start and God will guide you to the right path, … He is “The Most Merciful and Forgiving “.

Qur’an 6.125 “Therefore (for) whomsoever God intends that He would guide him aright, He expands his breast for Islam, and (for) whomsoever He intends that He should cause him to err, He makes his breast strait and narrow as though he were ascending upwards; thus does Allah lay uncleanness on those who do not believe.”

Qur’an 3:135 “(The God-fearing are) those who, when they have committed a shameful deed or have (otherwise) wronged themselves, remember God and pray that their sins be forgiven, for who but God could forgive sins? They do not knowingly persist in doing whatever (wrong) they may have done.”

Qur’an 39:53 “You, servants of Mine, who have transgressed against your own selves! Do not despair of God’s mercy. Indeed, God forgives all sins, for, in truth He alone is much-forgiving, merciful.”

Qur’an 28:83 “As for the happy life in the hereafter, We grant it only to those who do not seek to exalt themselves on Earth, nor to spread corruption. Indeed the future belongs to the God-fearing.”

A Hadith (Bukhari), narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri: “Allah’s Messenger said, ‘If a person embraces Islam sincerely, then Allah shall forgive all his past sins, and after that starts the settlement of accounts, the reward of his good deeds will be ten times to seven hundred times for each good deed and an evil deed will be recorded as it is unless Allah forgives it.”

Narrated Abu Huraira (Bukhari): “The Prophet said: ‘Religion is very easy and whoever overburdens himself in his religion will not be able to continue in that way. So you should not be extremists, but to try to be near to perfection and receive the good tidings that you will be rewarded; and gain strength by offering the prayers in the mornings, afternoons and during the last hours of the nights.’ ”

Muslims do not worship the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) nor do they pray to him. Their deeds are done for the sake of God alone. In Islam there are no saints, whose intervention would be needed nor any prayers are held on grave yards.

This is the translation of Surah Al-Fatiha (the opening Sura of the Holy Qur’an):

“In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful. – All the praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of ‘alameen (mankind, jinns and all that exists). – The most beneficent, the most merciful. – The only owner (and the only ruling judge) of the day of recompense (i.e. the day of resurrection). – You (alone) we worship and You (alone) we ask for help. – Guide us to the straight way. – The way of those on whom You have bestowed Your grace, not (the way) of those who earned Your anger, nor of those who went astray. Ameen “

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